Motorized Vehicle Rules
Effective 1/01/11



No 4-wheelers, off road motorcycles, mini bikes, or motorized children’s scooters allowed in the park.

Driving while intoxicated will not be permitted.

All vehicles operated in the park must be insured and are operated at the vehicle owner’s risk.

All golf carts & side by sides must be insured for liability and proof of that insurance must be provided to the office.

No unlicensed drivers may drive any privately owned motorized vehicle or golf-cart. All drivers must possess and carry a valid drivers license.

Any vehicle driven after dark, including bicycles, must be equipped with working headlights.

The 10 mph speed limit and quiet time will be strictly enforced.

Vehicles of any kind are only permitted on paved roads.

Swim City and Tent City are closed to all vehicle traffic.

No vehicles of any kind allowed on bridges.